Feel The Vibe

There are many reasons one might dream of visiting Jamaica and our culture sits high at the top of that list. There’s just something novel about Jamaica, something undeniably exquisite that attracts visitors to our shores time and time again. As soon as you step foot onto Jamaican soil, you feel the vibe. That energy is unmatched. Nothing can compare to experiencing it for yourself. Come dive into an authentic Jamaican vacation full of vibrancy, electricity, unrivalled charm, and untouched beauty.

Jamaican Culture & Traditions

The pull of our alluring island is far more than our sparkling blue waters and incredible mountainous terrain. The food is tantalizing and the weather is perfect, but it’s the charm of our people ho will keep you coming back for more.

The famous words of Bob Marley, “every little thing is gonna be alright” is a lifestyle we embody. No matter what hardships may hide beneath the surface, we find a way to smile, dance, and be merry as we go about our days.

Pull up a chair at your favourite watering hole and watch the smile light up your bartender’s face as they greet you like a long-lost friend. Stop and ask for directions and they’ll be accompanied by humorous tales of the twists and turns to be expected on your path. Buy a cup of soup from a roadside vendor and become enraptured in the vibes of the bustling food stalls. We’re happy people always and this is reflected in our art, traditions, and everyday life.

Of course, there are specific parts of our culture that may capture your heart and become part of your fondest memories.

Jamaican Cuisine

Our food is known worldwide as some of the best cuisines around. It is spicy and flavourful and full of fresh ingredients. Everybody loves a good jerk dish or a hot, flaky patty, fresh from the oven. Our oxtail is well-loved and even our ice-cream has been ranked as some of the best in the world. Which Jamaican foods are you just salivating for? There are so many things you must try when in the land of rhythm and spice like our ackee and saltfish and our wide-ranging array of tropical coconut sweets.

Tasting your way through the island is a great way to connect with the history of Jamaica as you learn more about what makes us so special with each dish you try. Head to Boston, the home of jerk, to learn more about this famous method of cooking. Trek to the Blue Mountains to try the luxurious coffee in the heart of its home. Stop in Negril or along the South Coast to try some of the best, freshest seafood ever, and go hiking in the hills to taste the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables plucked from the land.

Talk Like a Jamaican

As you trek around the island you might pick up a few words from our Jamaican Patois. This is our colourful dialect, a mish-mash lingo from our English, Spanish, and French colonial past.

It will help you to groove to our Jamaican music, though the baseline of the reggae will sweep you into euphoria whether you understand the words or not. A visit to Jamaica isn’t complete without a night spent dancing to the beat under magnificently twinkling stars.

Your new patois words will also help you at any of our exciting sporting events, whether large scale or local community happenings. Grab a Red Stripe Beer and observe the animated crowd as they scream ruthlessly at their team and opponents on the field. A Jamaican sporting event rivals your favourite major festival or finals around the world.

Come to Jamaica and feel the vibe. Once you’re here, you’ll know why Jamaica is the heartbeat of the world.