About IAC

Our Mission

To promote and foster the advancement of the Caribbean insurance industry through research, education and advocacy, in so doing to create a platform for regional harmonisation and integration in the industry.

Our Vision

To support the regional development and growth of the insurance industry; offering services, programmes and projects which will improve and enhance the harmonisation of the insurance sector.


  • To harmonise regulatory and insurance laws
  • To be the effective lobby for the strengthening of Caribbean companies operating regionally;
  • To develop educational and training opportunities
  • To gather and collate regional statistics
  • To foster regional reinsurance consultation
  • To provide a forum for the meeting of IAC members, Caribbean insurance regulatory authorities, insurance educational institutions, actuaries and other special groups with interest in the Caribbean region.

Strategic Priorities

  • Build technical capability within the Association
  • Increase membership, particularly Associate membership
  • Forge collaborative partnerships
  • Reform the Annual Conference
  • Conduct needs analysis of education and training requirements within the industry
  • Improve research and data collection
  • Increase visibility

Strategic Objectives

  • Timely planning and co-ordination of organisational operations and events
  • Provision of quantitative and qualitative industry’s statistics through proposed strategic synergies’s and periodic industry surveys
  • More in-depth research
  • Better market intelligence; and
  • Increased product offerings

Our History

IAC was the brainchild of a small group of visionaries (industry leaders from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Barbados) who wanted to prepare the indigenous insurance industry for the future challenges of the remaining century.

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Our Partners

IAC continues to support the work of regional insurance organisations and is presently working with the following organisations to create projects and programs to ensure the further development of the sector.

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