About This year’s Scholarship Winner – Shaquan Andrews

Excitement and shock were just two of the emotions expressed by Shaquan Andrews upon hearing the news that he was the winner of our annual scholarship. Another highlight is that he is also the first male to have ever received this coveted grant.

From the tender age of seven, Shaquan was fascinated with numbers and how they could be used in certain situations. He fell in love with the television show Scorpion because the mathematical prodigy was always called upon to make quick calculations to help the team out of life-threatening situations.

Shaquan’s business-oriented parents influenced his decision to pursue Pure Mathematics, Accounts and Economics at the CAPE level. He came to realize how these subjects are intertwined with each other, and how the formula used in Accounts and Economics were derived from mathematical models. These were used to explain theories of how the world of business worked by simply manipulating specific variables. Changing the subject of an equation could aid one in deriving the rate of return on investing in a project or even calculating the supply of money within the economy. Therefore, Shaquan was able to apply knowledge from one subject area to another, which allowed him to see the more holistic picture, rather than being confined to what was taught in one class.

Mr. Andrews was introduced to the term Actuarial Science at the age of sixteen and after he did his research on it, he discovered that it was the integration of mathematics and theories behind the world of business, to produce predictions of future events which involved financial risks. Not only did this create a blended love for these subject areas, it reminded him why he first became captivated with the study of mathematics - it allowed him to have some insight into the future.

Shaquan’s hope is to assist in the development of the Caribbean where there is a demand for Actuarial Scientists as the region remains underdeveloped in these areas. He strongly believes that one drop can create many ripples in the ocean. For the Caribbean, that may be in the form of something sustainable which could permanently enhance the lives of many people.

Shaquan has a desire to help people and was given the opportunity to work amongst fellow diabetics younger than him. Through this interaction, he understood their struggles and tried his best to assist them which gave him a sense of fulfillment. He constantly looks for new and innovative ways to better the lives of persons both in the Caribbean and internationally.

Mr. Andrews could not imagine a more perfect opportunity to use his talent to help others. After he graduates with his degree in Actuarial Science, Shaquan plans to seek employment in the actuarial field while taking exams to gain designation through the Society of Actuaries.

Congratulations Shaquan!

IAC Director u2013 Anand Pascal and 2017 Scholarship winner Aarti Lutchme Singh
2019 Scholarship winner Shaquan Andrews